Team Scavenger Hunt

  • All pictures/videos must be uploaded to your Schools One Drive folder by 5:00PM Saturday January 21st.

  • As a chapter head, you will be responsible for the retrieval of all pictures/videos from your delegates, however you see fit (ex. Share the link to the folder with all your delegates, or get them to e-mail you the pictures and post them yourself).

  • You are also responsible for having all pictures/videos labeled with the corresponding task number and uploaded onto your schools One Drive folder labelled "School Name Scavenger Hunt" that was added to the folder Emily Merry created for you for room assignments.

  • Please submit one photo per question, so divide and conquer within your delegation!

  • Please remind your delegates to be respectful as they are representing your school and IISE.

  • Also, remind them that all pictures uploaded to the One Drive may be shown on projectors and posted on Facebook periodically throughout the conference, so don’t upload anything you don’t want everyone to see!

  • The official scavenger hunt will be posted on the conference website and Facebook page around 2:00pm Thursday January 19th once registration opens. There will also be paper copies at the information booth throughout the weekend.

  • We hope that this scavenger hunt helps your team bond as a delegation by exploring Halifax and learning about the Maritimes!

  • This scavenger is worth points towards the IISE trophy!